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20 May 2016
United Kingdom

This is a quick message to announce the new, and stylishly updated addition to the TwitCelebGossip family, our forums.

This is where our readers are able to engage with content and stories found on TwitCelebGossip, and other UK media outlets - as well as start discussions of their own.

We're in the process of reimagining our forums - Our mission is to become a thriving community for all things UK Entertainment, where our members can share their stories and news on a safe and entirely free platform.

Below is a list of things we're working on:

  • Sign up and log into TwitCelebGossip Forums via Twitter and Instagram (Facebook, and Google have already been implemented)
  • Rewards system where your interaction with our forums will lead to prizes, giveaways and exclusive offers
  • Fanbase categories where members of the community will be moderators of their own space on our forums - e.g. A dedicated space where fanbases can come together and share their thoughts and news in a safe and exciting environment
  • User titles, members who give back to the community and engage will be rewarded with special titles on their profile, so they stand out from the crowds
  • Redesigned email alerts
We will continue to update this thread with more information as it becomes available.
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